World Café Middle East Series 1

  • Travel, Food, Cooking Show
  • 4 Episodes

Hosted by Egyptian-born, award-winning chef Bobby Chinn, World Café Middle East uncovers the recipes, history and culture behind some of the region’s most famous foods. Bobby, a restaurateur known for his trademark sense of humor, takes us on an entertaining trip as he visits markets, hangs out in the hippest nightspots, and cooks some delicious, interesting, and sometimes downright strange street food. As well as sampling the culinary delights, Bobby explores the main cornerstones of Middle Eastern life in this exciting and informative series.


1. Turkey

Bobby’s culinary excursion begins in Turkey. Yogurt Soup and Stuffed Mackerel are just some of the delicious specialties he explores. He even finds himself at a Stuffed Eggplant cook-off.

2. Syria

Syria’s cooking bears witness to a long history. Hot Pepper Dip, Sour Cherry Kebabs, and Semolina Cake - there’s a unique twist on every classic regional dish.

3. The West Bank & Jordan

Bobby discovers the thriving traditions of Palestinian food. This includes upside-down Lamb Stew and Sumac-Seasoned Chicken. Bobby gets his first taste of Jordanian food - Lamb in Yogurt Sauce.

4. Egypt

Bobby revisits his boyhood home in Egypt, where he learns the basics of Falafel, adds a seafood twist to a classic Lentil Soup, and bakes a Stuffed Mediterranean Fish.