World Café Asia Series 2

  • Travel, Food, Cooking Show
  • 7 Episodes

Street food has aways been one of the cornerstones of Asian life. In World Café Asia, renowned chef and restaurateur Bobby Chinn takes to the streets in search of the best food markets, the most stylish hotspots, and unique watering holes. Featuring 13 different destinations, each fast-paced episode introduces viewers to an interesting and delicious discovery - from seafood congee in Hong Kong, to tea-soaked chicken in Taipei.


1. Tokyo

Bobby’s stop in Tokyo gives us a glimpse into the delicate preparation of Miso Soup, an elegantly plated Soba Noodle Salad, and the challenge of a perfect Tempura.

2. Punjab

Punjab has a rich community and rich food. Cooking Mustard Greens, Saffron Flatbread, and a Tawa Chicken Curry, Bobby gets lost in the abundance of Punjab cuisine and culture.

3. Jaipur

A vegetarian paradise, Jaipur is the perfect place for Palm Sugar Millet and spicy lentils. There’s even Lamb Safed Maas - a meal as decadent as the palace it’s prepared in.

4. Bangkok

No visit to Bangkok is complete without Pad Thai. Bobby learns how to cook it and much more including shrimp Tom Yam Goong, and Khao Tom - a hearty breakfast porridge.

5. Malacca

With tastes like Savory Chicken and Rice Balls, an unusual stew featuring Buah Keluak nut, and the devilishly spicy Curry Debal, Malacca’s food is as vibrant as its history.

6. Jakarta

Jakarta’s cuisine is a unique mix of influences. Bobby gets cooking with Gado Gado - Indonesia’s national dish, the European-inspired Semur Daging stew, and Bakso - a hearty meatball soup.

7. Manila

In Manila, all cooking is fusion cooking. Seafood Sinigang Soup, Champorado rice with chocolate, Chicken Adobo, all delicious ways Filipino food puts its own twist on food from all over.