Treks In A Wild World Series 5

  • Travel, Adventure
  • 6 Episodes

Treks in the Wild World features globe trekkers from Lonely Planet traveling to remote and somewhat unexplored areas around the globe engaging in adrenaline- filled, cutting edge adventures ranging from ice climbing in the Andes mountains to kayaking remote northern oceans with orca whales.


1. Gabon

Holly Morris travels to the West African country of Gabon to go trekking in the rainforest. From Libreville on the Atlantic coast, Holly heads inland to Lope National Park.

2. Zambia and Malawi

Holly Morris travels to Zambia and Malawi, trekking in the footsteps of the famous missionary David Livingstone, to two of his greatest discoveries, Lake Malawi and the Victoria Falls.

3. El Salvador

Host Brianna Barnes treks across El Salvador’s dramatic volcanic landscape, learning along the way that some volcanoes were used as guerrilla hideouts during the civil war.

4. Patagonia, Chile

Matt Young treks across Patagonia’s dramatic landscape to put his skills and nerves to the test confronting the biggest and most challenging rapid on the Futaleufu river - the Terminator.

5. Cape Verde

Zoe Palmer starts her journey on the island of Fogo, dominated by its mighty volcano.
She makes the climb to the summit for some views across the Cape Verde islands.

6. Guyana

Matt Young starts his journey in Georgetown, during Mashramani, the annual Guyana carnival. Matt follows a trail up the Essequibo deep into the rainforest blazed by the earliest European explorers.