Treks In A Wild World Series 4

  • Travel, Adventure
  • 8 Episodes

Treks in the Wild World features globe trekkers from Lonely Planet traveling to remote and somewhat unexplored areas around the globe engaging in adrenaline- filled, cutting edge adventures ranging from ice climbing in the Andes mountains to kayaking remote northern oceans with orca whales.


1. Northern Laos

Zay Harding discovers the political and cultural depths of Laos. Later he hops on a cargo boat to Luang Namtha and treks through virgin forest seeking out the Acke tribe.

2. Switzerland

Zay Harding begins traveling in Locarno. The treks conclude in Bourg St Pierre, the last village before reaching the Italian border made famous by the St Bernard Pass.

3. The Andaman Islands

Holly Morris takes a motorbike ride through the town of Port Blair to the ancient tribal colonies. In Havelock, she dives in some unexplored waters with stunning aquatic life.

4. Vietnam

Zay Harding takes us through the fascinating country of Vietnam on a motorbike. We are taken through the rice fields of Hanoi and then by boat to Ba Be Lake National Park.

5. Austria

Zay Harding’s trek through Austria takes him on a journey from the beautiful architecture and countryside of Salzburg to the vast and spectacular mountain peaks of the Alps.

6. Northeast India

Holly Morris travels to North India through the frantic streets of Calcutta and onward to Sagar Island. She also tackles the incredible climb to the top of Sandakphu.

7. Java

Megan McCormick visits Borobudur, a three temple complex made of volcanic rock. She heads on to the former capital Yogyakarta, risking life and limb in the traffic on a rickshaw.

8. Sumatra

Megan McCormick enjoys some of the best beaches and most intriguing tribes in the series beginning in Danau Toba and concluding her trek in a little known haven in Sumatra.