Treks In A Wild World Series 3

  • Travel, Adventure
  • 8 Episodes

Treks in the Wild World features globe trekkers from Lonely Planet traveling to remote and somewhat unexplored areas around the globe engaging in adrenaline- filled, cutting edge adventures ranging from ice climbing in the Andes mountains to kayaking remote northern oceans with orca whales.


1. The Alps

Holly Morris explores two areas of the Alps, incorporating several different trekking adventures: the Italian Dolomites, a rock climbers heaven and secondly, mountaineering, an ascent up the Matterhorn, in France.

2. The Karakoram Highway

Estelle Bingham travels the old silk Route by bicycle through tiny tribal villages and valleys. With incredible views of Nanga Parbat, the Killer Mountain, she cycles to the Hunza Valley.

3. Egypt

Estelle Bingham starts her journey at the Pyramids of Giza, the most recognizable symbol of Egypt. She heads out into the Western Desert for a trek to find lost tombs.

4. Niger

Holly Morris treks to one of the most remote areas of Africa, to visit the Nomads of Niger. She heads back across the desert in search of Africa’s salt caravans.

5. Dominican Republic

Megan McCormick discovers the hidden treasures of the Caribbean island of the Dominican Republic. She also climbs the highest mountain in the Caribbean – Pico Duarte.

6. Mount Trikora

Zay Harding attempts to climb one of Asia’s highest peaks – Mount Trikora. Meanwhile, Megan McCormick visits the Turks & Caicos islands for some diving in the Caribbean.

7. Best Canadian Treks Volume 1

Bradley Cooper starts his adventure in the deepest regions of Quebec, on the Bonaventure River. Steve Dunn takes on the rapids of the thunderous Great Whale River in Northern Quebec.

8. Best Canadian Treks Volume 2

Steve Dunn discovers the most exciting off-piste skiing in Black Tusk. Meanwhile, Bradley Cooper goes sea kayaking with killer whales off the coast of Vancouver Island.

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