Treks In A Wild World Series 2

  • Travel, Adventure
  • 10 Episodes

Treks in the Wild World features globe trekkers from Lonely Planet traveling to remote and somewhat unexplored areas around the globe engaging in adrenaline- filled, cutting edge adventures ranging from ice climbing in the Andes mountains to kayaking remote northern oceans with orca whales.


1. Bonaventure & Copper Canyon

Zay Harding explores unknown parts of the Mexico’s Copper Canyon on foot. Meanwhile, Bradley Cooper discovers the ancient art of ‘poling’ and the traditions of the Acadian voyageur in Quebec.

2. Viking Trail & Veracruz

Bradley Cooper is transported to a little explored place in the most eastern part of Canada. Zay Harding paddles through rapids of the Rio Actopan and Rio Filobobos in Veracruz.

3. Northern Canada

Steve Dunn takes a helicopter to see the polar bears of Churchill in their natural state. He later dives into the Churchill River to swim with thousands of Beluga Whales.

4. Borneo

Holly Morris ventures to Borneo and travels by boat to the Gunung Mulu National Park where she hikes through virgin rainforests to find the head hunter tribes.

5. Lapland

Holly Morris treks to Finnmark, in Norwegian Lapland, a curving north coast cut by fjords. Holly learns about dogsledding and spends a night in a snow cave.

6. The Amazon

Eils Nevitt travels by boat along the Amazon to the Anavilhanas Island. She is invited to attend an initiation ritual with the Satare Maue tribe, one of Brazil’s indigenous tribes.

7. Peru

Bradley Cooper visits the remote areas of the High Andes. He heads out on his mountain bike into a village to discover how people can survive in such high altitudes.

8. Kenya

Megan McCormick heads out to track the endangered rhino, which is being protected by wildlife rangers. She then heads to Mount Kenya to climb one of Africa’s most majestic mountains.

9. The Croatian Coast

Bradley Cooper explores the spectacular beauty of Croatia’s coastline. He sails to Kornati islands to go sea kayaking among the thousands of small islets that make up this wonderful archipelago.

10. Papua (Irian Jaya)

Starting in the Baliem Valley, Zay Harding treks to visit a Dani village. He then secures a travel permit and heads to the rainforest area in the south.

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