Treks In A Wild World Series 1

  • Travel, Adventure
  • 10 Episodes

Treks in the Wild World features globe trekkers from Lonely Planet traveling to remote and somewhat unexplored areas around the globe engaging in adrenaline- filled, cutting edge adventures ranging from ice climbing in the Andes mountains to kayaking remote northern oceans with orca whales.


1. Kokopelli & Rio Grande

Holly Morris bicycles from Colorado to Utah along the challenging Kokopelli Trail. Meanwhile, Zay Harding canoes down the Rio Grande and through the Big Bend of Texas.

2. Oklahoma

Holly Morris discovers the beauty of Oklahoma and the ancient ways of the elders from the Kiowa and Cheyenne tribes. Meanwhile, Christina LaMonica kayaks along the rugged Na Pali coast.

3. Molokai & Prince William Sound

Christina LaMonica heads on a tour of the island of Molokai finding sea-cliffs and waterfalls. Meanwhile, Bradley Cooper gets a close up view of one of Alaska’s true wonders Columbia Glacier.

4. Arctic Alaska

Bradley Cooper follows caribou across the Arctic tundra. Meanwhile, Holly Morris travels towards the Green and Colorado Rivers and finds out about the canyons that line the river’s walls.

5. Wyoming & Alaska

Holly Morris joins third-generation cowboys to drive cattle across the plains of Wyoming. Meanwhile, Bradley Cooper cycles the Alaskan Golden Circle – from Haines to Skagway following the Alcan Highway.

6. Wyoming

After an introductory course in basic climbing, Cristina LaMonica attempts Wyoming’s Grand Tetons. Meanwhile, Holly Morris is back on her bike, following the Continental Divide through New Mexico.

7. West Virginia & New Mexico

Bradley Cooper kayaks the premiere river in the United States – the Gauley. Meanwhile,Holly Morris makes her way by packhorse through the Sangre de Cristo mountains in southern Colorado.

8. Florida & Kings Canyon

Holly Morris searches the waters of Florida’s natural springs for the elusive manatee. In part two, In part two,Cristina LaMonica heads deep into the backcountry of California into King’s Canyon.

9. Appalachian Trail

Cristina LaMonica paddles through Georgia’s Okefenokee Swamp. Meanwhile, Holly Morris attempts the part of the Appalachian Trail that takes her up Mount Washington in New Hampshire.

10. Outer Banks & Yellowstone

Holly Morris goes maritime this week as she explores the little-known Outer Banks of North Carolina. In part two, Christina LaMonica heads over to see the natural geysers of Yellowstone.

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