Planet Food Series 4

  • Travel, Food
  • 6 Episodes

From the creators of GlobeTrekker, Planet Food is an internationally-acclaimed series that takes a bite out of every corner on Earth. A feast for the senses, this long-running program uncovers the unique stories behind some of the world’s most unique dishes - from the unexpected origins of Hot Chicken in the American South, to the inimitable concoction that created one of the most unlikely drinks in Eastern Europe. Featuring notable hosts such as Bobby Chinn, Tyler Florence, and Emmy-nominated Padma Lakshmi, Planet Food has given viewers a true taste of the exotic for over 15 years. Lonely Planet TV’s relaunch of this beloved program continues to explore food cultures in some of the world’s most delicious destinations.


1. Ireland

Bobby Chinn crosses the Emerald Isle, swapping recipes with historians, restauranteurs, and folk bands.

2. Deep South USA

From the French Quarter to the Bayou, Bobby Chinn cooks Cajun and Creole in the Deep South - a region with a unique history that makes for some great food.

3. Delhi

As the Capital of India, Delhi absorbs influences from across the country, but the city’s own cuisine lays claim to some of the world’s most popular dishes.

4. Cuba

Bobby Chinn gets to know historic Havana through some amazing rum, cigars, and dishes like African Creole fruit salad with flambeed rum and guava sauce.

5. Shellfish

Around the world shellfish are delicacies and daily fare. See some of the best recipes across the globe.

6. Fish

Fish provides some the most exciting, flavorful, and healthy meals our planet has to offer. See all the best fish from Planet Food.