Planet Food Series 3

  • Travel, Food
  • 9 Episodes

From the creators of GlobeTrekker, Planet Food is an internationally-acclaimed series that takes a bite out of every corner on Earth. A feast for the senses, this long-running program uncovers the unique stories behind some of the world’s most unique dishes - from the unexpected origins of Hot Chicken in the American South, to the inimitable concoction that created one of the most unlikely drinks in Eastern Europe. Featuring notable hosts such as Bobby Chinn, Tyler Florence, and Emmy-nominated Padma Lakshmi, Planet Food has given viewers a true taste of the exotic for over 15 years. Lonely Planet TV’s relaunch of this beloved program continues to explore food cultures in some of the world’s most delicious destinations.


1. Barcelona

Angela May journeys to Barcelona, historic capital of Catalonia and a vibrant metropolis, brimming with culture and infused with the history of Greek, Romans and Arab civilizations.

2. Israel & Palestine

Angela’s journey starts on the Mediterranean coast where Israeli food is influenced by the Jews from the Diaspora. Meanwhile, Bobby Chinn explores Jerusalem, Jericho, and Bethlehem on his grand mission.

3. England

Rosie Lovell begins her culinary journey in Kent where she attends a medieval food fayre. Rosie is shown various methods of smoking meats – a practice popular in medieval times.

4. Zanzibar

Bobby Chinn begins his spicy adventures on Zanzibar Island in Stone Town – a World Heritage site and one of the oldest living Swahili towns in East Africa.

5. Sicily

Sicilian cuisine is above all a reflection of the island’s cultural and historical events. It is closely related to religious and spiritual life of the island.

6. Portugal

Bobby Chinn arrives in Portugal’s capital Lisbon by sailing boat and investigates the history of this fierce sea-faring nation from the origins of the “Age of Discovery”.

7. Peru

Bobby Chinn uncovers a country of incredible bounty and gastronomic diversity. From Lima, to the Andes Mountains, to the Amazonia Rainforest, Peru offers a fantastic adventure of the senses.

8. Provence

Rosie Lovell explores the rich culinary heritage of Provence. Bursting with Mediterranean flavour, she savours a cuisine moulded by the sun, the sea, and the seasons.

9. Singapore

Angela May digs into the diverse, multi-ethnic mixing bowl that is Singapore Cuisine. And Bobby Chinn samples some of the unique Indian delights in a Chennai pocket guide.