Lonely Planet Shorts Series 3

  • Short
  • 20 Episodes

Cook and make cocktails from around the world with Lonely Planet’s Travel Kitchen.


1. German Currywurst

This simple recipe will give you a taste of Germany from the comfort of your own home.

2. French Macarons

Chef David Andrews breaks down how to make macarons the simple way, with a special spring twist: bunny macarons.

3. Five-Alarm Texas Chili

This recipe makes a Texas chili that is as delicious as it is tongue-torching.

4. Mezcal Old Fashioned

Learn how to make your own Mezcal Old Fashioned cocktail at home with TD Sidell.

5. Israeli Shakshouka

This smoky, saucy breakfast dish has become a staple food in Israel, but is also popular throughout the Middle East and northern Africa.

6. Daquiri

Learn how to make a delicious Daquiri with TD Sidell.

7. Matzo Ball Soup

8. Nashville Hot Chicken

Learn how to make Nashville Hot Chicken, the spicy Southern dish that put Music City on the culinary map.

9. Tanzanian Sambaro

Learn how to make Tanzanian Sambaro, a delicious vegetarian dish originally from India but with an East African twist.

10. Margarita

Learn how to make one of the world’s most popular tequila cocktails – the Margarita – with TD Sidell.

11. Ras El Hanout Lamb Tagine

Learn how to make Ras El Hanout Lamb Tagine, a North African delicacy made with Morocco’s trademark mix of numerous spices.

12. Indian Samosas

Learn how to make one of India’s most popular street food snacks with Francesca Mascarenhas.

13. Italian Negroni

Learn how to make the refreshing Negroni cocktail, which originated in Florence, Italy.

14. Korean Kimchi

Lonely Planet contributor Jacqueline Gulledge shows us how to make a Korean staple, kimchi.

15. Chefs make custom recipes for people at home

The chefs at one luxury resort in Mexico have found a new way to connect to people who are hungry for a delicious meal.

16. Focaccia

This focaccia recipe is as simple as it is versatile. Add your own flavors to make a delicious Italian bread that’s truly yours.

17. Pad Thai

Learn how to make one of Thailand’s most popular dishes – Pad Thai.

18. Guyanese Pepperpot

This deliciously rich, spice-meat stew is the national dish of Guyana. Learn how to make Pepperpot with host Trimmel Gomes.

19. Nigerian Jollof Rice

Adebola Showemimo shows us how to make one of West Africa’s most popular dishes, Jollof Rice, with a Nigerian twist.

20. Chennai Chicken 65

Ready for a fiery snack? Try making the fiery Indian appetizer, Chicken 65, a heavily-spiced meat dish originating from the Buhari Hotel in Chennai.