Globe Trekker Series 9

  • Travel, Adventure, Educational
  • 13 Episodes

For over 20 years, GlobeTrekker has transported viewers to remarkable destinations via stunning cinematography and the unique insights of beloved hosts, including Emmy Award-nominee Padma Lakshmi, Food Network’s Tyler Florence, Academy Award-nominee Bradley Cooper, acclaimed British comedian and traveller Ian Wright, and more. Follow along as we explore off-the- beaten-path locations brimming with intoxicating culture, unique cuisine, and extraordinary landscapes.


1. Arab Gulf States

Megan McCormick ventures into the countries on the Arabian Gulf – Kuwait, United Arab Emirates and Oman – a land of ancient kingdoms that is one of the most misunderstood areas in the entire world.

2. Northern France

Justine Shapiro sets out to see some of what’s beyond the Eiffel Tower, which includes the site of a harrowing pilgrimage, mysterious ruins that rival Stonehenge, and haunting war memorials.

3. Tuscany

Traveller Ian Wright makes the cultural pilgrimage to the extraordinary Italian region of Tuscany – a finely made combination of cultural wealth, beautiful landscapes, quality food, fashion and passion.

4. London City Guide 2

Jonathan Atherton and Megan McCormick try to knock out everything the city has for travelers - a real challenge in a metropolis as historic and diverse as London.

5. Morocco 2

Ian Wright and Megan McCormick journey through Morocco, where Europe meets Africa, and a land of ancient cities, mountain villages, and stunning desert landscapes.

6. Washington DC

It’s one of the most famous cities in the world, but its local culture is relatively unknown. Justine Shapiro explores DC from the White house to the suburbs.

7. Great Festivals 2

Every community has its celebrations, and these are often the best way for travelers to get to know a place. Cut loose with parties from all over the world.

8. Ultimate France

Ian climbs the mountains of Corsica, only to be rescued by helicopter, Christina dons medieval costume at a wine festival, and Justine attempts to impress with her cordon bleu cooking.

9. Ultimate Italy

A cradle of science, intrigue, fashion, and romance, Italy has enough excitement for a lifetime. See some of the best sports cars, festivals, and landscapes.

10. Marrakech & Dubai

Marrakech’s ancient walls house a city that’s a fusion of Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. Dubai’s modern skyscrapers tower over one of the most cutting edge architectural hubs anywhere.

11. Hong Kong & Taiwan

Two places inextricably linked to their massive neighbor, full of tradition, yet enterprising in their modernity, China’s “little dragons” are two unique destinations for intrepid travelers.

12. World History: Middle East

The cradle of civilization has been home to formidable empires and birthed some of the world’s major religions. See beautiful wilderness, fascinating archaeology, and wonderful people.

13. New York City Guide 2

New York city has always been superlative: biggest, brashest, best - at least according to its inhabitants, and with over 30 million visitors a year, it might be true.