Globe Trekker Series 8

  • Travel, Adventure, Educational
  • 13 Episodes

For over 20 years, GlobeTrekker has transported viewers to remarkable destinations via stunning cinematography and the unique insights of beloved hosts, including Emmy Award-nominee Padma Lakshmi, Food Network’s Tyler Florence, Academy Award-nominee Bradley Cooper, acclaimed British comedian and traveller Ian Wright, and more. Follow along as we explore off-the- beaten-path locations brimming with intoxicating culture, unique cuisine, and extraordinary landscapes.


1. Istanbul

Estelle Bingham sees the must-see sights in historic Istanbul. From the game-changing Hagia Sophia church to the labyrinthine grand bazaar, it’s a backpackers dream.

2. Beijing City Guide

Megan McCormick is in Beijing visiting iconic landmarks like Tiananmen Square, the jaw-dropping forbidden city, and reveling at colorful lantern festivals.

3. Southern France

Christina Chang enjoys relaxing in wine country, dives into mysterious prehistoric cave paintings, and sees the glamorous seaside cities of Monaco and Cannes.

4. Java & Sumatra

Megan McCormick wanders through some fascinating sights in Indonesia. See the streets of Jakarta, what’s left of Krakatoa, serene Buddhist temples, and curious orangutans.

5. Kenya

Kenya offers travelers excitement at every turn. Estelle Bingham gets to see tribal ceremonies, fly over the legendary Masai Mara Game Reserve, and even help orphaned baby elephants.

6. Vienna City Guide

Ian Wright sets out to take on Vienna in a week. Palaces full of relics, conversations with holocaust survivors, and beautiful waltzing balls are just some of what’s in store.

7. New England

An autumn visit to New England is perfect for nature lovers and history lovers too. Megan McCormick visits the historic sites in Boston, and gets out into the Maine wilderness.

8. Rome City Guide

Estelle Bingham’s sees all of Rome’s can’t-miss sites, including classic cafes, a mass in the Vatican, and some of the most prized art collections in the world.

9. Ultimate Indochina

Vietnamese markets, Laotian jungles, Cambodian temples, all settings for amazing adventures. From remote and tribal to bustling and metropolitan, see some of the best sites in Indochina.

10. South Korea

Starting off in Seoul, Ian Wright’s tour of Korea has him doing Tae Kwon-do, witnessing the intensity of the DMZ, and visiting ancient temples.

11. Ultimate Australia

Australia’s metropolitan cities, wild outback, and beautiful coasts are a playground for adventurers. See the trekkers’ favorite moments from their travels down under.

12. Asian Cities

Holly Morris sees Calcutta’s contrasting ways of life, Danielle Baker takes up Tai Chi in Shanghai, and Estelle Bingham tries her hand at heart-pounding Muay Thai in Bangkok.

13. Southern Mexico

Mexico is endless excitement for Ian Wright. There’s Pazcuaro’s Day of the Dead celebrations, daring cliff divers in Acapulco, and even unforgettable Mayan ruins surrounded by the Zapatista uprising.