Globe Trekker Series 15

  • Travel, Adventure, Educational
  • 16 Episodes

For over 20 years, GlobeTrekker has transported viewers to remarkable destinations via stunning cinematography and the unique insights of beloved hosts, including Emmy Award-nominee Padma Lakshmi, Food Network’s Tyler Florence, Academy Award-nominee Bradley Cooper, acclaimed British comedian and traveller Ian Wright, and more. Follow along as we explore off-the- beaten-path locations brimming with intoxicating culture, unique cuisine, and extraordinary landscapes.


1. Puerto Rico

The Caribbean Island of Enchantment - Puerto Rico, is an amazing stateside destination. Zay Harding explores sun-kissed beaches, dramatic mountains, colonial history, and great music.

2. Papua New Guinea

Zay Harding rises to the challenge of Papua New Guinea’s untamed jungles and active volcanoes in search of debris left over from WWII battles.

3. Bangladesh

Holly Morris makes a tough but rewarding journey into Bangladesh, a country overflowing with life, culture, and hospitality.

4. Great Historic Sites: The Age of Empire

See the remnants of the great empires that shaped the ancient world in this collection of amazing historical destinations.

5. Great Historic Sites: The Modern World

From the industrial revolution to the collapse of the iron curtain, see the historic sites of the modern era, places dating from the 19th century up to the present day.

6. World War II: In the Pacific

From Pearl Harbor to Nagasaki, the chaos of WWII even left its mark on some of the most remote islands in the world.

7. East Texas

Zay Harding makes his way through East Texas encountering rodeo cowboys, oil fields, death row prisons, NASA rockets, all the classics.

8. West Texas

Zay Harding is taking on West Texas. Wild music scenes, complicated life on the border, and the vast pan-handle, are all part of what give the region its independent spirit.

9. Mid-Atlantic States

From the founding fathers to Andy Warhol, Brianna Barnes’ journey through the Mid Atlantic States is full of colorful characters and history.

10. Eastern Canada

Zoe D’Amato journeys through Eastern Canada’s rugged coastlines, Sees Quebec’s old-world charm, and witnesses the thundering magnificence of Niagara Falls.

11. Isolated Islands

Zay Harding explores two island archipelagos, the remote Marshall Islands - a place inextricably tied to the US military, and the Dutch Antilles - Atlantic islands with colorful colonial histories.

12. London City Guide 3

Brianna Barnes attempts a whirlwind tour of London. A melting pot that is home to royal palaces, art galleries, department stores, and much more.

13. Colorado & Utah

Holly Morris discovers a land of cowboys and old mining towns, a place where people fleeing religious persecution found their promised land, and outlaws became legends.

14. Trekking the Pacific

Zoe Palmer is diving into the traditions and culture of the Cook Islands, while Matt Young is trekking the grueling Kokoda trail in Papua New Guinea.

15. Uruguay & Paraguay

Holly Morris discovers Two South American countries that may share similar names, but couldn’t be more different. See the dazzling landscapes, ethnic diversity, and much more.

16. Paraguay: Behind the Scenes

A behind the scenes look at the making of Paraguay