Globe Trekker Series 13

  • Travel, Adventure, Educational
  • 9 Episodes

For over 20 years, GlobeTrekker has transported viewers to remarkable destinations via stunning cinematography and the unique insights of beloved hosts, including Emmy Award-nominee Padma Lakshmi, Food Network’s Tyler Florence, Academy Award-nominee Bradley Cooper, acclaimed British comedian and traveller Ian Wright, and more. Follow along as we explore off-the- beaten-path locations brimming with intoxicating culture, unique cuisine, and extraordinary landscapes.


1. Los Angeles City Guide

Megan McCormick is exploring Los Angeles from the glamorous to the ordinary. Movie studios, ex gang members, and sunny beaches are all part the experience.

2. Malawi & Zambia

Holly Morris is in the heart of Africa, exploring countries with fascinating colonial histories, amazing endangered wildlife, and the colossal Victoria Falls.

3. Honduras & El Salvador

Brianna Barnes explores Honduras and El Salvador, countries with a wealth of dazzling marine life, Mayan ruins, and towering volcanoes.

4. Senegal & Cape Verde

Zoe Palmer gets a taste of West Africa’s musical traditions, beautiful volcanic landscapes, and raucous Carnival celebrations in Senegal and Cape Verde.

5. World War II

World War II forever changed the world, and tangible reminders of these changes are part of daily life in Europe. See battlefields, relics, and survivors of the second great war.

6. Germany 2

From modern reunified Berlin to mountain villages steeped in tradition, Megan McCormick and Justine Shapiro see everything Germany has for travelers.

7. Volcanoes Ring of Fire

One of nature’s most fascinating and frightening phenomena, volcanoes provide the most fertile land on Earth. See volcanoes around the world and the people who live with them.

8. The Transatlantic Slave Trade

A shamefully cruel era in history that has given birth to some of the most fascinating and vibrant cultures in the world, explore the countries involved in the slave trade.

9. Planet of the Apes

Around the world, our fellow primates teach us about ourselves. In this special travelers visit the last strongholds of many rare and endangered species.