Globe Trekker Series 10

  • Travel, Adventure, Educational
  • 13 Episodes

For over 20 years, GlobeTrekker has transported viewers to remarkable destinations via stunning cinematography and the unique insights of beloved hosts, including Emmy Award-nominee Padma Lakshmi, Food Network’s Tyler Florence, Academy Award-nominee Bradley Cooper, acclaimed British comedian and traveller Ian Wright, and more. Follow along as we explore off-the- beaten-path locations brimming with intoxicating culture, unique cuisine, and extraordinary landscapes.


1. Tokyo City Guide

Tokyo is a sensory overload in the best way for Ian Wright. See him explore samurai history, cutting-edge fashion, demanding hikes, and relaxing traditional spas.

2. Mozambique

Mozambique was wiped off the tourist trail for 20 years by war, but it’s bouncing back. Ian Wright explores a country where travel can be difficult, but worth the effort.

3. Cameroon

Zay Harding goes off the beaten track in Cameroon, where he meets people from several ethnic groups, tries the grueling Mount Cameroon Marathon, and encounters amazing wildlife.

4. South East China

Ancient Buddhist temples, stunning rock pinnacles, and the worlds largest tea market are all part of Zay Harding’s experience in Southeast China.

5. Ultimate Caribbean

The Caribbean is more than a rich man’s playground. The ultimate island-hopping journey includes historical and cultural experiences in this gorgeous region.

6. South Africa 2

Justine Shapiro and Sami Sabiti return to South Africa to see how much the rainbow nation has changed in the decade since the end of apartheid.

7. Belgium & Luxembourg

While small in stature, Belgium and Luxembourg are big in attractions. Katy Haswell explores beautiful caves, samples delicious beer, and learns about the Battle of the Bulge trail.

8. Ultimate Mexico

For over 4000 years, Mexico has been home to complex civilizations and today it enjoys one of the most colorful cultures in the world. Explore some of it’s best facets.

9. Pacific Northwest USA

Sami Sabiti sets off through Washington and Oregon to see lumberjack games, eco-friendly initiatives in Portland, and even a stormy hike up a snow-capped peak.

10. Florida & the Bahamas

Lavinia Tan visits the sun, sea, and theme parks of Florida and the Bahamas. See Cuban street parties, astronaut training, and even alligator wrestling.

11. Ultimate China

It’s one whirlwind tour of all the best destinations in China. Explore fascinating archaeological sites, shop in bustling metropolises, and attend vibrant festivals that go back centuries.

12. Ultimate India

From the notoriously crowded streets of Kolkata to the beautiful remote islands of Lakshadweep, India is a traveler’s paradise with fascinating experiences at every turn.

13. Western Canada

Zay Harding visits Canada’s west, an area larger than the European Union, yet home to a mere 9 million. See amazing parks, metropolitan Vancouver, and the most legendary rodeo in Canada.