Best in Travel 2021 Series 3

  • Short
  • 10 Episodes

Lonely Planet is passionate about making the wonders of the world open for everyone. This means we’re committed to a variety of voices, telling forgotten stories and making sure travel truly is an inclusive, shared joy. These are destinations and people that are diverse, inclusive and welcoming.


1. Emerging Voice Storyteller

Gabby Beckford not only works to inspire young people to travel the world, she’s focused on amplifying the voices of Black travelers as well.

2. Accessible Destination

With help from Il Viaggio Travel, Costa Rica is making adventure travel accessible to people of all abilities.

3. Multi-Generational destination

The quiet island of El Hierro is guaranteed to provide an action-packed vacation for the whole family, whether on land or in the water.

4. Indigenous Food

Māori cuisine gets the spotlight in unique fine dining combinations at Hiakai, led by Chef Monique Fiso.

5. Inclusive Storyteller

Jeff Jenkins saw a lack of accessibility and representation for plus-size travelers. The personal stories he shares on Chubby Diaries created a diverse community in the travel industry.

6. Inclusive Tours

After a debilitating accident, Alvaro Silberstein turned a bucket list trip to Chile into a transformative organization that opens up the world to travelers with disabilities.

7. LGBTIQ+ Storytellers

Couple of Men founders Karl Krause and Daan Colijn provide vital information for LGBTIQ+ travelers while inspiring everyone to discover the world.

8. Under-Explored History

This community on the Southeastern coast of the United States may not be well known to travelers around the globe, but it has a unique history, language and culture that members are proud of.

9. Cultural Diversity

Through its diverse art scene, San Diego flaunts how it has become a true melting pot.

10. Welcoming Destination

This Jordanian city welcomes visitors and refugees alike. Once in the capital city of Amman, you can immerse yourself in street art and hip-hop culture.