Best in Travel 2021 Series 2

  • Short
  • 10 Episodes

The best travel is a shared experience between guest and host. It’s one that makes a real difference to the people who live where you’re headed. Our selections celebrate preserving unique cultures and showcase destinations that are letting local voices speak and guides.


1. Community Tour

When these people became homeless, others looked through them as if they were invisible. This Scottish organization isn’t just helping them get on their feet, but giving people who are homeless an opportunity to lead.

2. Community Accommodation

Visitors can experience breathtaking landscapes and authentic Kazakh life and cuisine through affordable community home stays in this Central Asian country.

3. Community Immersion

The first thing visitors notice in the Faroe Islands is the breathtaking nature. But soon after, tourists notice something even more special: the way people welcome them into their homes.

4. Community Revitalization

Forget what you’ve heard about Medellin. Its street art tells the story of a city reborn into a modern, community-oriented destination.

5. Community Trekking

Tesfa Tours provides sustainable vacations for tourists trekking through Ethiopia’s gorgeous countryside. The tour company also provides farmers and families in rural areas a new source of income.

6. Community Restoration

After devastating wildfires, organizations like Echidna Walkabout are coming up with clever ways to get visitors to help rebuild Australia’s animal populations and habitats.

7. Community Storyteller

Hesham Moadamani made a harrowing escape from war in Syria to asylum in Germany. Now he’s empowering other Syrians and refugees by sharing his story on his Berlin-based tour.

8. Community Local Shop

Tucked away in the Cambodian city of Siem Reap is the Footprint Café, an eatery that provides Khmer dishes, Cambodian coffee, and a healthy dose of opportunity for several local businesses.

9. Community Tourism Project

Business owners pool their resources, not only to help every business grow, but to keep Ireland’s most iconic sites pristine for future generations.

10. Expat Storyteller

Georgette Jupe gives travelers a deeper connection to Italy on her blog, Girl in Florence while inspiring readers to put their fears aside and accept new people and experiences.